June 17, 2024

Step By Step Guide On How to Clean Vape Pods

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If you have  vape kits, you are well aware of all the benefits that pod-based devices can bring to your vaping experience. A pod system should be used if you want to maximise the use of high-strength nicotine e-liquids. Pod systems also make for some of the most fashionable and small-sized vaping devices.

Even though pod vaping is relatively cheap, some new users may discover that their pods have been burning out much faster than anticipated. It’s not cheap to buy vape pods. You want their pods to last as much as possible and refill them often before you have to replace them.

We’ll be teaching you how to clean pod vapes. The fact that a pod starts to produce a roasted flavour does not necessarily mean that the coil in the pod has gone bad. It’s more likely that the coil is just covered with residue. Remaining the original pod flavour is possible by cleaning out the residue.

Before we talk about how to clean a vape bud, however, let’s address something else. What causes your vapes to become brittle?

Step By Step Instructions for Cleaning a Vape Pod

It’s so helpful to know how to clean a vape pod. It’s not the e-liquid residue causing the pod to develop a burnt flavour. The flavour is caused simply by e-liquid residue. If you can clear the residue from your pod, it will have a perfectly functioning atomiser that will work almost as well as a fresh coil.

Let’s Look At How To Clean Your Dirty Vape Pens.

• Use hot water to fill a large container. Boil the water. Vape pods are made out of plastic, so don’t boil them.

• Open the vape pod’s top filling hole. Take out any coils on the pod that can be removed. Place both items in the distilled water. Vape pods, being hollow, will tend to float. To get the pod to fill up with water, you might have to hold it. It will be tough to clean if the pod doesn’t have water.

• To stir and break up the residue, place the coil and pod into the boiling water. Let the items sit in water for a while before shaking them around. The pod may have no removable coil so you might notice some dark flecks.

• You can rinse the bowl and refill it with hot water. To break down the residue, continue to shake the pod and coil. The coil will be clean when dark flecks no longer appear in the water. If the pod is equipped with a coil, it may be necessary to rinse the pod in the sink to remove some of the flecks.

• Remove the pod and coil. To drain most of the water from the pod, tap it against a paper towel. Allow the pod to dry out for several hours before resuming use.

Do your vape pens not seem to be able to remove any residue with hot water? In this case, you could try cleaning the pods by using alcohol. Use strong alcohol that is safe to consume, such as vodka. Vodka can be used as a solvent to replace water. Many great vape shops can help you find suitable devices and nicotine levels.

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