April 19, 2024

The Differences, The Similarities between Modafinil and Provigil

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Modafinil is being popularly sold in the market for many years. The prime reason is its high- effectiveness and is known to be a safer nootropic drug. There is another drug named Provigil, which has the exact chemical compounds in similar proportions as Modafinil. However, it isn’t well-known as it needs a prescription unlike Modafinil thus can’t be bought from online sources easily.

You can buy generic Modafinil from any authentic online shops like RXSHOPMD where you get top-quality medicines at a reasonable price. Provigil is actually the brand name whose generic medicine is Modafinil. Before, jumping to understand the differences between Provigil and Modafinil, it is helpful to understand clearly the attributes and negative aspects of both medicines.


  • It was firstly manufactured by a French pharmaceutical company in the 90s and it was sold on the American soil as Provigil.
  • It is a cognitive booster. The effects of the pills act directly on your cognitive actions and eventually keep you awake for many hours.
  • It stimulates the metabolic functions of the brain that relates to the neurons responsible for the body and mind staying awake.
  • All kinds of sleeping disorders get cured by consuming the prescribed dosages of Modafinil daily.
  • Astronauts use it while going for their space missions.
  • It is highly consumed by people who like to stay awake at odd hours for longer times like company’s top executives, students, soldiers, staff of medical care units, employees working the night shift and many more.
  • It boosts up your working memory and aids you to focus, stay alert and work without any stress.
  • Some consumers of Modafinil have reported that it keeps them ‘high’ of taken regularly, thus no more mood swings and won’t feel tired even after doing a full day work. In short it motivates people to work continuously.

Actually, Modafinil is a safe drug if taken as prescribed by medical professionals. The side effects are less troublesome like the consumer may experience dizziness. Nausea, headache or feel restlessness.


  • It is actually brand-name of Modafinil sold in the USA regions. It is the generic name of Modafinil just like Modalert. Every few years the USA pharmaceutical companies create a new drug having the same composition as the previous drug. In simple words, only the name of the drug changes, but its composition remains the same.
  • The American pharmaceutical company, Cephalon manufactured Provigil which has the same chemical ingredients in a similar proportion to Modafinil.

The only difference between the two drugs is their name and price. Provigil is expensive compared to Modafinil. Provigil is mainly bought by people who think expensive medicines are of top quality. Moreover, any drug manufactured in the USA passes the test of the FDA, thus trusted to be genuine.

A consumer of both medicines needs to take them according to the prescribed dosages. If any doubt prevails about their effects than you can start with lower dosage. The drugs are quite effective and sure to help you in curing your sleeping disorders.

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