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Our guest blogging service and, more broadly speaking, our Fitness Blog cater to only a select few specialized categories, namely:

  • Running, including running strategy, running gear, local events, and other related topics.
  • Diets and Meal Plans, which include nutrition advice, meal plans, recipes, books, and other resources. There are no dietary supplements for weight loss approved.
  • Yoga: different flows, styles, and ways to improve your practice, etc.
  • Bodyweight Training, including but not limited to Gymnastics, Animal Flow, and Ido Portal.
  • Mobility and Stretching
  • Physical therapy and treatment technique, including tennis elbow treatment, how to conduct Ober’s Technique, stretches for the Q/L, and other stretches for various conditions.

The Following Are Some Popular Health Blog Topics That We Do Not Support:

  • Cosmetics
  • Dietary Supplements for Weight Reduction
  • Steroids
  • CBD

Content Requirements For Guest Blogging

  • A minimum of one thousand words describing the project as it should be scoped.
  • Your article is required to include a power item in it (video, podcast, infographic, spreadsheet, etc.)
  • Spell check and grammar check your document.
  • When optimizing the page, be sure to include the Longtail Keyword and make use of a tool like Yoast or SeoReviewTools.
  • You are responsible for creating all of the content yourself, and it may only be published on Ncruralhealth.org website.

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