April 19, 2024

What is an Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher? What Contaminants it Removes?

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Have you heard about an alkaline water filter pitcher? It can offer you safe, germ-free water that will also have the right pH levels. These alkaline water filter pitchers will be fully functional and self-contained water filters and can provide water, which will be less acidic and also with a balanced pH level.

You must be aware that the pH value of water can help you to determine the amount of acidity present in the water present. The pH scale can also measure the hydrogen ion level that must be present in water, which is generally measured on a scale of 0 to 14.

If the pH value of the water is 7 then the water is considered neutral, however, if anything is below 7 is considered acidic.

Piurify aspire to develop products continuously to facilitate the water that we all deserve, which is clean and with minerals as natural water can be. An alkaline water pitcher can help in softening the water.

It is important to neutralize the acid amount present in our body to stay healthy. The food that we regularly eat today is highly acidic. Because of this, our bodies will need to do an extra hard work to maintain the acidity level in our body so that we can maintain optimal balance.

Though there can be many ways to neutralize the acidity level in the body, drinking alkaline water is also one of the very effective ways to balance the acid amount in our body.

If you want to remain healthy, it is necessary to drink alkaline water obtained from a suitable filter pitcher. However, most of us are unaware of the benefits of drinking such alkaline water.

What kind of contaminants alkaline water filters can remove?

To remove various contaminants from water, carbon filters are considered to be an ideal choice. These filters can remove debris and chemicals present in water either by chemically removing or blocking the contaminants from water.

The following is the list of contaminants that an Alkaline Water Filter can remove.


Usually, a common disinfectant is present in municipal water, which changes the water taste. Besides that, chlorine can also cause several health issues. Activated carbon filters can trap chlorine and can improve the water taste.

Volatile organic compounds

VOCs are normally used in soil treatment that may easily get into the water that we drink. If your drinking water contains VOCs, then it can lead to several health problems among both children and elderly people.

Carbon filters can effectively remove VOCs out of the water making it right for consumption.


As a by-product of chlorine treatment, trihalomethane compounds can be left behind. Trihalomethane compounds may cause several illnesses and may often prove to be life-threatening too. An alkaline water filter pitcher can help in removing all these compounds from water to make it much safer for drinking.


Carbon filters can block protozoan parasite which is present in our drinking water.  The presence of cryptosporidium may lead to several gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses and can disrupt our small intestine and respiratory tract too.

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