July 14, 2024

Are Permanent Dentures The Same As Implants?

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If you have lost all of your natural teeth because of tooth decay, gum disease, and/or dental trauma, dentures could be an option. This will make your appearance better as well as improve your oral health. There are many denture options today that provide the best tooth replacement. Permanent dentures are just one of the options.

Permanent denturesmay be an alternative to traditional removable dentures. They are not the same as permanent dentures but they are attached to them. Implants that are surgically placed replace the roots missing teeth and provide a stable base to support permanent dentures.

Permanently Attached Dentures

Because they function as natural teeth, implant-supported permanent dentures have exceptional stability and support for eating and speaking. You don’t have to adjust them to suit changes in your jaw because they actively prevent bone erosion. These and other benefits will help you live a more fulfilling life.

Here Are Some Reasons Patients Love Permanent Dentures

Exceptional Stability: Conventional Dentures rest on top. This allows them to slip and has a reduced bite force. Permanent dentures can provide stability and a greater level of chewing efficiency. It’s easy to enjoy the foods you like. There’s no need to worry about dentures moving while you speak.

Jawbone simulation: Standard dentures cause bone loss and changes in the gum ridge. These changes can occur over many years, making it almost impossible for patients with traditional dentures to achieve a good fit. The implants that are used to support permanent teeth stimulate the jawbone and provide protection from bone loss.

Higher quality of life: Patients can have some difficulty with missing teeth. These difficulties include speech problems, poor smile aesthetics, trouble chewing, and difficulty speaking. Permanent dentures fix these problems and restore function and beauty to your smile. You may feel more confident and self-esteem after the procedure.

How Can You Take Care Of Permanent Dentures?

The process of cleaning permanent dentures is similar to regular oral care. They are brushed just like your natural teeth. Your dentist will advise you on how to maintain your dentures.

How Many Types Are There Of Fixed Dentures?


  • Metal-porcelain Crowns: Made of metal (inner parts) and coated porcelain
  • Zirconia crowns are made from a strong material that can withstand daily wear.
  • Metal crowns
  • Crowns of Porcelain
  • Resin crowns


  • Traditional dental bridges
  • Cantilever bridge
  • Maryland Bonded Bridge
  • Implant-supported bridge

How Should We Care For Our Fixed Prostheses?

Here are some tips to help you care for your fixed prosthesis.

  1. Avoid foods that are very hard, like shellfish and nuts in shells. These should not all be bit with the natural teeth.
  2. The mouth and prosthesis must be cleaned immediately after each meal. It should also be cleaned before bed.
  3. This is how to clean:
  4. You can use fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush in all areas.
  5. Between the pontics & the gum (where plaque or some leftover soft foods can accumulate that when fermented can cause bad breath)
  6. Interdental brushes can be used to clean the space between teeth and gums.
  7. At the end you can use a milder version of mouthwash.
  8. Be sure to scrub between your teeth to get rid of any hard-to-reach areas.
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