June 17, 2024

Hot Tub Air Source Heat Pump – The Ultimate Guide

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An air-source hot tub heating pump could reduce your annual hot tub operating costs by hundreds of pounds. You can learn about heat pumps and decide which is right for you.

How Do Heat Pumps From Air Sources Work?

An air-source heat pump uses heat from the atmosphere to heat it and then converts that heat into heat for your hot tubs. This is precisely how it works.

  • The heat pump fan draws air across tubes containing refrigerant.
  • This compresses the gas, which increases its temperature. It’s then heated up and transferred to your hot tub.
  • The heat pump’s refrigeration fluid cools off and then becomes a liquid again, thus resuming the process.

Because it can heat more air, the heat pump will work more efficiently in warmer climates. Heat pumps will still work even at temperatures as low as 15 degrees C. They take longer to heat your hot tub.

What Is The Heat Pumps, Heating Speed?

Several things can affect the speed at which your heat pump brings your hot tub up to temperature.

Every heat pump has a COP rating, a “coefficient performance.” If a heat pump has a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4, it produces 4 kilowatts of heat per kilowatt-hour of electricity. The higher your heat pump COP, the quicker your hot tub will heat up and the more economical it will run.

Also, ambient heat is essential in how fast a heat pump heats your spa. The more ambient heat in the air and the longer it takes for the heat pump to reach the desired temperature, the less efficient it will be. Therefore, your heat pump will heat your hot bathtub slower and more expensively in winter than in summer. It is also more economical than running a standard heater.

Last but not less, the quality of the hot tub’s insulation plays a huge role in how quickly it reaches temperature. The hotter your hot tub is, the faster it heats up.

What Is The Payback Rate For A Hot Tub Heater Pump?

Lusospas heat pump is usually affordable. Expect to save thousands on your heating costs over the next few years.

Are There Various Types Of Heat Pumps For Air?

There are two main types,on/off technologyvs inverter tech.

On/off has two modes. These models are more affordable but less energy-efficient because they don’t have variable speeds.

The inverter model is powered by a variable-speed fan. Some top-end inverter heaters have smart tech inside that detects ambient temperature and adjusts fan speed for maximum efficiency. These models are generally more expensive upfront but much less to run.

Are Heat Pumps Still Effective In Winter?

A high-quality brand of air source heat pumps will heat your spa at temperatures as low as -15°C. They can handle winter here and will continue to heat your hot tub even during extreme cold. It is crucial to ensure that the model you purchase can withstand these temperatures. Check the specifications to be sure it can handle those temperatures.

What Noise Makes Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air source heat pump hot tubs are usually quiet. A good model in excellent condition won’t make much more than a low buzzing sound.

Every heat pump must comply with the law and have a decibel rating. Before installing a heat pump, it will show you how loud it will be.

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