April 22, 2024

Why Hire A Professional Genealogist? How To Prepare For Consultation?

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Genealogy is associated with the study of family history and origin. Geologists are researchers that perform this study. They trace your family lineage and compile ancestry data. Tracing family origin is sometimes complicated and there are strange questions from the clients the professionals try to answer.

Data and documents are searched for in the state archives, libraries, public record offices, churches, gravesites, cemeteries, genealogical societies, and connected people. The person’s genealogy is revealed, which speaks about the genetic and historic story of societies and people.

Record Click has an experienced Geologists team specializing in record retrieval as well as resolving brick walls you have encountered. There are many other reasons to hire a professional genealogist

  • You are not familiar with your ancestor’s records language.
  • You need to resolve a family mystery using DNA.
  • Finally, you are planning to visit your ancestral native land but don’t know which sources are best to visit.
  • You wish to DIY genealogy research, but need expert training.
  • You hit a complex genealogy brick wall and need help.

These are some of the reasons you will need to consider hiring a professional genealogist’s services. It saves your time, money, and effort. You can receive help in the following way.

  • Handling documents – Traveling cost to a repository or an archive is expensive, especially with accommodation, food, and transportation. It is sensible to pay professionals for onsite research rather than DIY. Professionals regularly handle documents in a foreign language. Even if are aware of the language, reading old handwriting or transliterating a court case or estate file will need help.
  • Organizing & analysis – You managed to get or inherited a thick folder of ancestral documents including documents, photos, and family group sheet. You feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. However, it needs to be organized and analyzed. Professionals can help to organize it and offer suggestions to move forward.
  • DNA analysis – DNA tests make you feel anxious and at the same time excited. Once you get the results and find out your closest match—-what to do next? You have a lengthy family mystery that can be resolved with DNA analyses but you will need professional help to organize the matches.

Professional genealogists understand the methodology as they handle DNA regularly. Thus finding the answer is quick.

  • Gain knowledge about the family line – You started a family line research, but are unable to break a brick wall. Working with professionals will offer a new perception of how to approach the brick wall. DAR or SAR is a linear society, that can help in searching for your Revolutionary War predecessor. Professionals can even help you write a family history that can be left as a legacy.
  • Forensic genealogy – Forensic research involves hunting for live people. This kind of research service is hired by courts, lawyers, estates, etc. Forensic genealogy research involves location citizenship & immigration, heirs, land issues involving title – gas & oil, and mineral royalties, and more.

How to prepare for a consultation?

  • Prepare your request with specific goals.
  • Set a budget because quality research will take time.
  • Set realistic expectations.
  • Find the right professional for your project, but do due diligence before calling.

Asking for professional help is not an indication of weakness because even experts or pros may need some help down the road.


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