July 14, 2024

9 Surprising Tequila Advantages You May Not Have Known About

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While tequila is not a “health food,” it does have some unexpected health benefits. Choose “100% agave” tequila for the maximum health benefits.

Remember that this tip only works if you consume casamigos tequila in moderation. We do not advise binge drinking and recommend no more than 1 to 2 shots when consuming.

Here are some unexpected tequila benefits

  • It Can Help You Lose Weight Isn’t That Incredible

In general, if you want to lose weight, you should avoid consuming alcohol. Remember that liquid calories are easier to absorb than we think, thus this remains true. However, if you restrict your tequila intake, you can reap the weight-loss benefits of agavins, a kind of sugar contained in tequila. As a result, as compared to other alcohol sugars with a higher glycemic index, many of the calories are wasted. It also boosts metabolism and assists in fat breakdown.

  •  It Aids In Digestion

A shot of tequila after a meal has also been linked to better digestion. Some people advocate having a shot before a meal to accelerate your metabolism and appetite, followed by another shot afterward to relax and help digestion.

  •  It Has Probiotics

They control the bulk of our immune system and help our bodies maintain a healthy balance. Some of the fructans used to make tequila nourish these helpful microorganisms!

We’re talking about little doses of tequila here. Getting intoxicated will almost certainly have the opposite effect, wiping out your natural supplies of healthy bacteria as your immune system works overtime to resist the toxins included in all alcohol.

  •  It Also Has Prebiotic Properties

Prebiotics help to tend the earth by creating the framework for healthy bacteria. They construct a home for them. According to this study, the prebiotic qualities of tequila help make the intestines a more receptive environment for healthy bacteria to develop.

  •  It Might Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Because fructans are non-digestible and act as fiber, diabetics can enjoy tequila on occasion. By going through the body undigested, it avoids hazardous blood sugar rises and stimulates insulin production.

Consult your doctor before beginning to consume tequila shots if you have diabetes, as everyone is different and reactions may vary.

  •  It May Lower The Risk Of Developing Dementia

According to the BBC, studies show a link between moderate alcohol use (even tequila) and a lower risk of dementia later in life. But proceed with caution! It also indicated a relationship between excessive alcohol use and significantly increased chances of dementia development.

  •  It Also Aids In The Delivery Of Vital Medications To The Colon

People with Crohn’s disease, IBS, and colitis may benefit from the fructans in tequila because it contains natural chemical carriers that retain the essential pharmaceuticals so they may pass past the stomach acid and into the colon where they are needed. Scientists are looking at using these fructans in prescription drugs to treat a variety of illnesses.

  •  It Helps With Insomnia Treatment

Tequila’s calming effects can help to relieve stress and may even help to induce sleep in individuals who are sleep deprived. It is not advisable to rely on any substance regularly, especially alcohol. However, it may occasionally be that extra item you love decompressing with. Also, rest!

  •  It Does Not Cause A Hangover

That is if you drink the good stuff. To obtain this benefit, you must consume “100% agave” tequila. Cheaper goods will have more sugar and alcohol, which may render you unconscious.

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