June 13, 2024

What are the best cannabis strains for anxiety?

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Anxiety is one of the main reasons medicinal cannabis users are interested in the plant.

Calming and euphoric, the plant may help you leave your cares and pressures behind and concentrate on the present now.

It may also assist you in resolving the issues that are causing you to worry in the first place.

The link between cannabis and anxiety, on the other hand, is complex.

Some cannabis strains may exacerbate or create anxiety, while others have the reverse effect.

According to research, some individuals may have a genetic tendency that leads them to be more anxious when exposed to cannabis than others.

Further study has shown that low to moderate amounts of cannabis may reduce tension, however greater levels are more stress-inducing.

So, how can you locate anxiety-relieving cannabis strains?

Here’s how to identify the finest anxiety strains to help you comb through the facts and put science to work.

Anxiety-relieving cannabis strains

It may take some trial and error to find the ideal strains for your specific requirements.

Every individual reacts differently to the plant, and what works for one person may be terrible for another.

Unfortunately, due to a dearth of official studies on cannabis in human test subjects, there is no sure-fire method to predict whether or not a certain strain would be beneficial for anxiety.

However, given the current clinical and preclinical data, an informed prediction as to which strains may be most useful may be made.

How to choose the best strains for anxiety and focus?

As previously stated, cannabis may have both beneficial and bad effects on anxiety.

This therapeutic plant, on the other hand, has the potential to provide comfort.

Here are a few basic guidelines to help you choose the finest cannabis strains for anxiety:

1. Experiment with CBD-rich strains.

THC may often be irritating for individuals who suffer from anxiety, especially if you’re new to cannabis therapy.

Furthermore, after THC wears off, some people may feel severe rebound anxiety.

Because CBD is a natural anxiolytic, choosing strains with 1:1 CBD: THC ratios or above may be useful to persons suffering from anxiety, independent of terpene concentration.

2. Examine the testing labels

While the cannabis strains on this list have been discovered to have relaxing, anxiolytic compounds, each sample is unique.

Some ACDC samples may show high quantities of the sedative myrcene, whilst others may show higher levels of pinene.

Reading the specific test results for the strain you’re ingesting will help you determine whether or not a plant has the stuff you’re looking for.

3. Select strains that contain certain terpenes.

While many terpenes found in cannabis are calming, some may be more beneficial than others.

If you can obtain testing results, here are several terpenes to consider:

  • Linalool
  • Bisabolol
  • Limonene

4. Use caution while dosing

It is simply the dosage that produces the poison.

Those who know or are afraid that THC or CBD products would cause them to feel increased anxiety should always begin with the lowest dosage available.

Cannabis has biphasic effects, which means that the appropriate dose of the plant may be incredibly beneficial to a person.

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