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“We Don’t Stop” is Golf Pichaya’s latest dance-pop smash.


To put it simply, Pichaya’s music is all about having fun and making others happy. “We Don’t Stopupbeat “‘s bassline and lyrics make it the perfect pregame anthem.

In addition to the new song by Golf Pichaya, Purple Fly recently released tracks by BLVD., Shaquille O’Neal, DJ SODA, Ahin of MOMOLAND, Laidback Luke, Sevenn and others, all of whom have their own unique sound.
Purple Fly is an unaffiliated label that uses the newest frontier of cryptocurrencies as a platform for a wide range of electronic music. Music and spectacular graphics will be combined to create an immersive experience that covers the auditory spectrum from trance to trap. NFT are released on Purple Fly’s official website with each song drop, allowing artists to get direct support from their fan base while they are expressing their talent. During the course of Golf Pichaya’s 16-year career as a model, actor, and singer, the pair of Golf-Mike has released ten studio albums and performed hundreds of live events. In 2012, he launched his solo career and quickly became a YouTube sensation for his inspirational videos. The Graduates,” “Still 2,” and more have all featured Pichaya as a leading lady.

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