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Medications That Can Help You Live Longer (Melatonin, Turmeric, Piracetam and More)


We all know that drugs are harmful. In fact, new research suggests that anything from GERD meds to recreational substances and even vitamins may be harmful to our health. Is this, however, true of all drugs? Do we know of any beneficial, life-extending medications?

It might be as simple as swallowing a powder or pill to achieve immortality if these pharmaceuticals work, so forget about cryogenics and other methods of immortality (see Human Paragon for more information).

However, we’re not exactly calling for immorality. What if a miracle chemical exists that can help us improve our health and live longer lives on this planet than we now have?


More than one medication falls within this category. Some of these issues were already addressed in our Adrafinil overview. Quite a few of these substances are perfectly legal and readily accessible. In addition, they have minimal negative effects, are inexpensive to create and purchase, and provide a wide range of advantages. There may be a number of other advantages, including a longer life expectancy, according to some research.

Piracetam, a popular nootropic for improving memory and other cognitive processes, is the star of today’s nootropic spotlight. Many people report feeling nothing at all, while others say they feel more awake than ever. Those who have had traumatic experiences, as well as strokes, may benefit from it, as shown by the fact that it has been shown to increase quality of life.

Using this medicine may also aid with senility and mental decline because of its manner of action and the favourable results that many users describe. It might be a life-saver if this treatment can slow down these difficulties on its own or in conjunction with anything else, which is a significant cause of early mortality.


The skin and stem of black grapes have large quantities of this molecule. It’s been getting a lot of media attention recently because of the recent discovery of its good benefits. For the most part, it was administered to rats, who scientists found to have a much longer lifespan than normal.

In fact, the gap is far wider than that. It would be possible for us to live for 150 years or more if those findings could be applied to people. More research is needed before this drug’s full potential can be realised, although early indications are encouraging.

The French Paradox is one of the many misunderstandings about resveratrol that has arisen over the years. These people live longer than the worldwide average because they eat a lot of butter and cream and drink a lot of red wine in this area in France. To get the benefits of resveratrol, however, you’d have to down at least a dozen bottles of wine, which would mean that you’d die from alcohol poisoning before the resveratrol could do any good.

If this medicine proves to be successful in people, the best method to absorb it is as a supplement. However, additional study is needed before it becomes a staple in everyone’s diet.

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