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Learning Management Systems for Health and Social Care v1


What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) is the software platform that many Health and Social Care organisations use as a powerful instrument within their Learning and Development toolkit. These Health and Social care organisations use their LMS to develop, deliver and track e-Learning across small or large teams, whether their care organisation is an independent business or has numerous branches within a franchise.

Learning Management Systems have been used across many sectors in Health and Social Care for the additional benefits and value they deliver in automating processes and saving administration time. With the expansion and growth of smart phones, tablets and laptops users are now able to complete their learning in their own time and at their own pace. A Health and Social Care organisation now has the opportunity to utilise an LMS as a cross-functional platform for successful completion of e-Learning, tracking rotas and training, issuing policies and procedures.

Benefits of a Learning Management System for your Health and Social Care Organisation

What are the key benefits of a Learning Management System for your Health and Social Care Organisation?

We cover the some of the benefits and features a Learning Management System can have on your health and social care organisation below:

  • Delivery of online e-Learning.
  • Progression tracking through numerous usage reports.
  • Add policies and procedures.
  • Produce branded certificates and upload course files.
  • Individual health and social learning pathways for staff.
  • Monitor large or small Health and Social Care teams with limitless opportunities to allocate training.
  • A complete booking system to allocate workshops or incorporate virtual training sessions over Zoom.
  • Incorporates different types of e-Learning to support a Blended Learning approach.

How simple and quickly can I incorporate a Learning Management System within my Health and Social Care Organisation?

Depending on your current resources, a well-built and intuitive learning management system should fit around your pre-existing systems and learning and development plans. A new system can be an exciting project to implement and the right provider will take the time to get to know your existing set-up and support you before, during and after implementation.


What to look for in a new Learning Management System:

We’ve complied a small check list for you to measure your next learning management system:

  • Review your current learning and development needs.
  • Review budgetary requirements and investments.
  • Compile a list of requirements based off your review.
  • Research Learning Management System Providers. Consider how they already work in health and social care, and begin looking at reviews.

Things to bear in mind:

Do you need courses, if you do which courses are directly applicable for your Health and Social Care organisation? Do they come at an additional cost? Are they certified by CPD?

If you’d like to learn more about a fantastic Learning Management Systems specifically for health and social care, then contact us at My Learning Cloud or book a free consultation to find out more about our 100+ CPD certified courses and our LMS. 

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