June 17, 2024

Baumholtz Plastic Surgeon San Antonio Specializes In Different Cosmetic Surgeries

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Dr. Michael Baumholtz, a board-certified plastic & reconstructive surgeon is a native of Philadelphia but trained in San Antonio. He returned to Philadelphia but was back in Texas within four years. He served as a staff surgeon, assistant professor, consultant, guest examiner and also is involved in professional societies like ASPS, ASAPS, TSPS, etc.

Dr. B claims to adore working with pediatric and adult patients in Texas. Baumholtz Plastic Surgery facilityoffers an array of cosmetic and reconstructive services. 

Facial procedures 

Dr. B Plastic Surgeon San Antonio specializes in a variety of facial procedures.

  • Blepharoplasty – It is an eyelid surgery aimed to enhance eye contours for looking more youthful, feeling energized, and rested.
  • Rhinoplasty – In this surgical procedure the external nose look is reshaped subtly.
  • Facelift – The surgery addresses facial aging concerns like fat distribution and excess skin.
  • Injectables – A variety of functional and cosmetic issues are treated with toxins and fillers injectables. 

Breast surgery procedures

Dr. B Plastic Surgeon San Antonio specializes in three types of breast augmentation procedures.

  • Breast implants – The surgical procedure increases breast size using saline or silicone-filled implants.
  • Breast lift & augmentation – Some women struggle with saggy breasts due to weight gain, gravity, or pregnancy. 
  • Breast reduction – The surgery is designed to lessen the large breast size as well as reshape them into an attractive silhouette. 

Body procedures

Losing significant weight is a huge accomplishment. Body contouring helps to redefine the results and makes one feel and look confident. Dr. B Plastic Surgeon San Antonio specializes in different body shaping procedures.

  • Tummy tuck – The procedure is aimed to address a single or ever muscle laxity. Excess fat and skin.
  • Body contouring – Highly customizable procedure comprising of different approaches focused to gain the look patients desire. 
  • Liposuction – Minimally invasive procedure intended to eliminate unwanted fats and enhance body contours.
  • Butt lift – The surgery is focused on enhancing the definition and contours of the buttocks. 

The majority of cosmetic surgeons cater primarily to women’s needs but there are men in San Antonio who desire to feel and look their best. DR. B treats male patients with unique approaches as each one differs. From facial to a reduction of male breasts, Dr. B offers every cosmetic procedure. 

  • Brotox
  • Fillers
  • Gynecomastia
  • Liposuction

Medical spa 

People can pamper themselves by indulging in Facial spa services that include treatments like – 

  • Relaxing & hydrating facials
  • Soothing facial
  • Diamond Glow facial
  • Men’s facial
  • Acne facial

There is also skin rejuvenation treatment offered to enhance overall skin tone.

  • Microneedling with facial
  • Dermaplaning with facial

The skin peel treatments include –

  • SkinMedica Rejuvenation Peel
  • Vi Peel

Contact the Baumholtz Plastic Surgery facility to learn about the procedures in detail. The cost of procedures will be based on the patient’s cosmetic or reconstructive surgery goal. They offer discounts on medical spa packages and a six-week hydration remedy package to rejuvenate the irritated and dehydrated skin. 

Check the photo gallery on https://www.baumholtzplasticsurgery.com/photo-gallery/ to see the before and after pictures of breast, face, and body surgeries. 

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